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Our Experienced Allies

Over the past 30 years, we have formed a working relationship with a group of very talented individuals who provide their own expertise to complement our knowledge.


Occasionally, during the texturing process, polishing is required to remove EDM or recast that may appear. We handle this in-house. However, for the more critical polishing, we defer to Superb Mold Finishers' expertise.

Superb Mold Finishers, located in Longmont, Colorado, since 1993, offers complete polishing services. Owner, Mark Naujokas has been polishing tools since 1981, apprenticing at his father's polishing company in Chicago, Illinois. He presently has 3 polishing technicians to meet your polishing needs. He and his staff know that staying on schedule means a quick turnaround.  You can reach Mark at (303) 651-3375.


Accidents happen. Whether the mold is in the press molding parts, or just being built, the length of time to repair can be critical. For our welding needs, we call on a man familiar with those kinds of situations.

WELDTECH, Inc., is a full-service laser and micro-welding, and machining facility located in Firestone, Colorado. Owner Bob Young (a mold maker by trade), started WELDTECH in 1989. He knows the importance of preheating and post-heating a tool when texturing is involved. You can reach Bob at 303-827-4040.

Mechanical Engraving

We handle the simple mechanical engraving requirements for our customers of core pins, cavity ID numbers, etc. in-house. For the critical jobs, however, we call on the expertise of Industrial Engraving.

Industrial Engraving, located in New Brighton, Minnesota, is a full-service mechanical engraving company. Owner Joe Toupal (an engraver since 1978) together with his engraving staff, provides a wide range of services, including two dimensional and three-dimensional engraving of electrodes, mold inserts, cavities, cores, and steel stamps. He also does computerized engraving of labels and signage. Joe always provides "next job off the shelf" priority for our out-of-state customers.  You can reach Joe at (651) 697-9848.

If you have any questions about these companies, please feel free to give us a call at (303) 684-9000.