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Knowledge-Based on Decades of Experience

Clients may choose from hundreds of industry standard patterns and designs for their project — all at very competitive pricing — or we can develop a design to fit any need. Our commitment to top-quality service applies to every single client we serve.

A three-day turnaround is standard. We also have the ability to react quicker in the event of an emergency. Call (303) 684-9000 if you are experiencing a production schedule being cut short or a press standing open from a damaged tool.


Customers can choose from hundreds of industry standard patterns and designs. Sometimes a simple modification to an existing texture will provide the performance everyone is looking for. Each job is given a "hands-on" approach to ensure its timely delivery and correct texture specifications.

Texture Repair

A damaged texture does not always require weldment or removal of the existing texture. An innovative change to the texture process can allow for a localized repair, blended into the existing texture. Mold material, configuration, texture, and the extent of the damage all determine the appropriate steps. A call to Western Texturing will get you going in the right direction, saving you time and money.

Chemical Engraving

When mechanical engraving is not possible, chemical engraving or photo etching is an option. Photo-etching is a process by which artwork — such as logos, instructions, etc. — are transferred onto a cavity or core surface and etched to a specific depth.

Mechanical Engraving

Engraving cavities, cores, core pins, etc. can be accomplished at the same time the cavities are being textured.

Manifold Cleaning

A proprietary process, manifold cleaning allows us to clean burnt and contaminated hot tip manifolds in sizes up to 30 inches by 40 inches.